I'll be back - The Terminator

We are officially resurrecting The TLM Group and getting back in the game of helping young musicians master their craft and get heard. In addition, we are branching out into video production, and we're celebrating the whole business with the launch of this spiffy new website! Up, up and away!

Summer Workshop

The big news right now is the summer production workshop we're putting together. Nothing succeeds like success, and we'd like to build up to a critical mass of goodness with local artists we know and like, as well as all the usual Amelang family members, each of whom is a talented writer and performer in their own right. Check out our Workshop page for more information.

Welcome to TLM!

Whether this is your first encounter with us or you're a veteran of 'the old days', we're glad your here! Check out the site from time to time for new information, and hit our Contact page if there's anything you'd like to let us know or find out more about.